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Tezos' flagship annual conference is coming to EthCC for all community members, builders, partners, and Web3 enthusiasts.


Tesserart Presents: "The Frame" by HOXID, An Innovative Exhibition

Featuring the second edition of 'The Frame', designed by the artist HOXID. This exhibition and live minting mechanic introduce a novel approach to art curation and distribution.

Experience a New Form of Art Curation

HOXID is opening his frame to other artists to participate openly. All curated artworks will be free to mint and exhibited on TezDev in July 11th, on Brussels.

HOXID's NFT framework will serve as a dynamic platform, continuously hosting new digital artworks from other artists submissions. Visitors at TezDev can mint these unique artworks live by scanning a QR code next to the display.

Exhibition Mechanics:

Live minting:

Visitors can claim the artwork displayed in HOXID's framework by scanning a QR code. The combined NFT (HOXID's framework and the artwork) is then sent directly to their wallet.

Artwork Rotation and Global Accesibility:

Each minted piece is replaced by a randomly selected artwork from a precurated database of submissions from artists who have collected our community token.

Every new artwork displayed will also be available as an open edition online, accessible through Farcaster and the Tesserart website.

The open edition will close when the artwork is minting from the exhibition area and the next new artwork will be exhibit.

Artwork Requirements

Your artwork, must be an unminted work of image/gif/video with dimensions of 1920x1080.

The maximum file size for videos is 100mb.

If you prepared a video, please also upload a cover image.

Royalties and Artist Support

HOXID, performing as a digital curator with "The Frame" piece , will receive combined royalties from the initial secondary sale of each minted artwork ( %1). Thereafter, ongoing royalties will exclusively benefit the artist, promoting a sustainable model for future creations.

Stay Connected

Follow us on Farcaster and visit the Tesserart website to participate in this exhibition and stay updated with the latest developments.



Brussels, Belgium

KBR, Royal Library of Belgium

The entrance is located around the corner at the following address: Bd de l'Empereur 2, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium, rather than being the main entrance of the library.


July 10, 2024

Opportunity to exhibit and live mint at TezDev

  • Connect wallet
  • Submit artwork
  • Receive Community Token
  • We will announce your work once curated
  • Please upload an image or video with dimensions of 1920x1080 - max 100mb

    Thanks for participating!